We are offering a discounted price on our complete DPF Removal service for the Vauxhall Zafira Vectra and Astra fitted with the 1.9 CDTi engine.

The complete service would consist of Removal of the DPF we can do this either by removing the DPF from it’s housing or with one of our DPF Removal pipe’s, we will update the software on the vehicle’s ECU to completely remove all regeneration and DPF functions, this can include a remap for performance and economy gains of upto 200bhp & 430nm torque on the 150 16v model and upto 170bhp & 380nm torque on the 120 8v model.

We can also offer total deactivation of the EGR valve, remove the speed limiter and before and after rolling road runs with print out!

if you need any more info please contact us