1.9 CDTI 150

Gains Stage 1: +40-50bhp 90nm+torque

sport button feature can be retained with tuned active only when sport mode is activated, or the remap can be active in sport and non sport mode. This can be customised to suit your needs for example mild tune/economy in non sport and full power in sport mode.

Speed limiter removal.

EGR Removal.

*NEW* DPF removal!

1.9 CDTI 120

Gains Stage 1: +50-60bhp, +80-90nm torque. DPF Removal Available please contact for details.

1.7 CDTI 100bhp

Gains Stage 1: +40-50bhp, +80nm torque

1.3 CDTI

Gains Stage 1: +25bhp, +60nm torque

VAG TDI tuning

1.9 TDI 130PD

Gains Stage 1: upto 50bhp, upto 90nm torque, Dyno sheet download

2.0 TDI 140PD

Gains Stage 1: upto 45bhp, upto 90nm torque

2.0 TDI 170PD

Gains Stage 1:  +35bhp, +90nm torque

Stage 2: Requires DPF Removal Pipe, Panel Filter and software to suit contact for details.