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Increased Torque Limit

The key to successful DSG tuning comes from the control of the clutch pressure.

MAS Performance can increase the DSG Gearbox’s ability to transmit an increased torque while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical components and hardware within the DSG gearbox itself.

With MAS Performance DSG Tuning program, the DSG computer will no longer initiate steps to dissipate engine torque when the factory limit is reached which will unleash the true benefits of any engine modifications to their full potential.

Increased Shift Response

Shift response is made faster and more progressive. Shift response time is approximately 20 – 30% faster than stock.

From half load to full throttle it is nearly 70% faster to respond.

With an increased shift time you also get an improved paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% in Manual mode.

Increased RPM Limit and Shifting Points

Increasing the shifting points gives you command of your engine’s power in the upper RPM range, we can raise the DSG gearbox’s RPM limit and therefore the automatic shifting points in Sports mode and Drive mode, as this can optimize the engine’s performance range dramatically.

Automatic Shifting

In Manual mode automatic up shifting at wide open throttle can be deactivated and so has kick-down, allowing you to bounce of the RPM limiter if you wish!

When you opt to over ride S-mode with the paddles, at wide open throttle the software will automatically shift at the newly defined RPM limit. Up to 95% load you will have the benefit of the removed automatic up-shifting and kick-down to take control over your gear changes. This change to S-Mode is allows you to drive in the high or low gears at low speed, without the revs jumping up or trying to change down and hold a high rpm.

In Drive mode the factory up-shift and kick-down settings are maintained.

Ecu Remapping
Ecu Remapping

Launch Control

Launch control can be activated on any DSG vehicle that did not leave the factory with launch control active.

A perfect launch is accompanied with a great 0-60 acceleration is one of the best ways to show off your performance mods. Furthermore, improving on the uneventful factory launch, we can customise the launch RPM in manual and sport mode to any requirements giving a powerful yet controlled launch and keeping a safe pressure applied to the clutches, to provide maximum grip with as little wheel slip as possible.

In-dash Gear Display

When in Drive or Sport mode the active gear is now displayed in the instrument cluster to the right of the PNRDS icons where it previously was not.


• New RPM Limit Set
• Shift speed increased by up to 20-30%
• Automatic shift point increased
• Increased Maximum Torque
• No Automatic Kick down or up shifting
• Ability to drive in high or low gears at low speed without automatic changing
• Launch control enabled and set to user spec


• New RPM Limit Set
• Automatic shifting point increased
• Shift speed increased by up to 20-30%


• No Auto Kick down or up shifting at redline
• 40% increase in paddle response
• Launch control enabled and set to user spec
• Increased Maximum Torque

Ecu Remapping