A: Remapping is virtually untraceable but if it is found it may affect your warranty.

A: Yes all work carried out by ourselves is guaranteed (please see terms & conditions).

A: All original files are kept so vehicle can be put back to standard

A: Improvements in fuel consumption of up to 20% are possible, especially in turbo diesel powered engines.

A: Tuning boxes fool the ECU in to thinking that the engine requires more fuel by giving false sensor values. Although gains are made this causes bad engine running and poor economy and reduced life of engine components. there is no proper control with a tuning box ie. no rpm input it is just adding more fuel.

A: Remapping takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on what vehicle it is.

A: You can check our vehicle coverage list or call us as new vehicles are being added all the time

A: If the vehicle is in good condition then you shouldn’t have any problems we will check fault code memory but it is not viable to check every component on the vehicle.

A: Yes we can offer a mobile service thoughout most of the UK.

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