AdBlue Removal

Our AdBlue removal service will electronically disable the AdBlue system completely along with all the associated dashboard lights and warning messages, consumption of AdBlue will stop and refilling of the tank will not be necessary. You can even completely remove the AdBlue system from the vehicle. For the most part the AdBlue removal is done via reprogramming the memory of the engine control unit. however some vehicles will require a small electronic unit to be hardwired into the vehicle.

What is AdBlue?

In summary a process know as Selective Catalytic Reduction. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) provides an effective means of reducing NOx emissions from Diesel engines through reaction with ammonia on a catalyst. 

The AdBlue system is a complex system containing lots of components. For example electronic sensors, modules and a pump, these components are prone to failure. And the cost to repair is very expensive. Also a vehicle will consume a large amount of AdBlue and the tank will need to be refilled regularly.

This service is available for cars, trucks, tractors and plant machinery.

For more information on AdBlue removal from you vehicle please contact us.

AdBlue Removal