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At MAS Performance we can offer UK drivers an exhaust gas recirculation removal service. The exhaust gas recirculation is also known as the EGR and it’s an emission control device that reduces NOx emissions. Reducing NOx emissions is one of the key targets of the Euro Emission Regulations as these gases contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Here at MAS we can offer EGR removals services as we understand that sometimes the EGR system can cause more problems than it solves.

How do EGR systems work?

The EGR system features a valve which creates a feedback loop from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold for the purpose of recirculating burnt gases. 

The EGR valve has a solenoid which controls it, with everything ultimately being controlled by the engine control unit, or ECU. The ECU operates the solenoid via a duty request cycle which opens the valve in order to recirculate the burnt gases. 

The manifold absolute pressure sensor records the amount of extra gas that comes through, and then feeds back this information to the ECU so it can maintain equilibrium and control.

Problems with the EGR valve and system

The EGR valve is always working with and exposed to burnt exhaust gases, so it has a high level of soot and particulate matter. This soot, that’s naturally contained in the gases, creates a build-up of sooty and carbon deposits around the valve and its operational area. This build-up can lead to the valve sticking in certain positions and angles. 

For a full potential engine performance, the EGR valve should be closed, which creates a closed loop for the vehicle’s turbo system, which can as a result pressurise as much as it needs to. If an EGR isn’t creating this closed loop environment for the turbo system, feedback goes to the intake manifold and this can cause turbo boost problems. These translate as serious reductions in power and poor fuel economy.

The advantages of EGR removal

A professional EGR removal, also known as an EGR delete, can offer cars and other vehicles like trucks several advantages.

Having an expert EGR removal can save you a lot of money on fuel and also on the minor repairs that might be needed as a result of the valve becoming blocked or clogged frequently.

Having a disabled EGR valve means that it’s inactive and so isn’t taking in any soot-laden gases which will leave deposits and reduce the engine’s power output. Disabling the EGR valve also prevents lots of harmful contaminants in the burned fuel from returning back to the engine, where they can become deposited and cause problems down the line.

When you’re getting the most power possible from your engine, you’ll find that your miles per gallon, or MPG, value goes up. Your fuel economy will improve because the exhaust gases aren’t recirculated back into the engine, essentially poisoning the internal combustion process and preventing the engine from running as efficiently and smoothly as it could. 

Another important advantage to having an EGR deletion is that it can prevent failure of the diesel particulate filter, or DPF. The DPF can present frequent problems if it becomes blocked or damages, leading to expensive repairs. 

MAS Performance offers one of the best EGR removals in the UK

Saving money on fuel and on repairs by having an EGR removal is certainly an attractive prospect, but it needs to be performed by experienced technicians. MAS can offer you an expert service that’s tailor-made for your particular ECU, with most makes of car covered. Many other companies will just turn off the codes that keep the EGR “plugged in”, but this is not the right way to do it. If you have an EGR deletion, you need to have the valve correctly disabled so that it’s not attempting to carry on recirculating the gases even though it’s not being controlled by the ECU.

Is it legal to remove my EGR?

EGR removal in the UK isn’t illegal, but it is an offence under the Road vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations (Regulation 61a (3)1 to drive a vehicle which has been modified in a way which prevents it complying with the emissions standards the EGR was designed to meet. If you remove your EGR, you’ll fail to meet these requirements and so MAS only offers EGR removals for vehicles intended for off-road use only.

Bear in mind that the penalties for failing to comply with Regulation 61a can be fines of up to £1,000 for cars and up to £2,500 for a light goods vehicle.

Is there an EGR removal service near me?

We’re based near Skipton in Yorkshire, but we do offer a mobile service which covers most of the UK, so if you don’t have a local provider, contact us to talk about your needs and to book an appointment. 

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