At MAS Performance we have developed the ultimate performance John Deere ECU Remap. Above all the performance software is developed in house, by our own software engineers. This enables us to tailor to your own requirements, and provide the best ECU Remapping available on the market.

Our John Deere ECU Remap will offer a wide range of benefits for your truck including increased BHP & Torque, superior drivability and throttle response. Also you can also expect to see better fuel economy after your John Deere ECU Remap. We have also developed a John Deere AdBlue Removal service, John Deere DPF Removal service and John Deere EGR delete.

John Deere AdBlue Removal

Our John Deere AdBlue removal service will electronically disable the AdBlue system completely from the ECU software along with all the associated dashboard lights and warning messages, consumption of AdBlue will stop and refilling of the tank will not be necessary. You can even completely remove the AdBlue system from the vehicle.

John Deere DPF Removal

MAS Performance John Deere DPF Removal will disable the DPF function along with all the DPF sensors and DPF regeneration, the DPF can then be removed completely from the exhaust without any complications. The DPF system is disabled  by a remap the engine control unit.

Removing the DPF from your vehicle is not only a cost effective repair solution but it also has the following advantages:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased efficiency (MPG)
  • Less turbo lag
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less down time from regenerations

For the most part we have developed John Deere ECU Remaps for most of the John Deere models.

Furthermore the John Deere software is researched and developed in house by our expert software engineers. We also offer a John Deere ECU remap service throughout the UK please contact us for more information.

As an example of the potential gains please click HERE.

John Deere ECU Remap