ECU Remapping via the OBD Port (on board diagnostics) is the most commonly used method for ECU Remapping, we simply connect a laptop via an interface to the vehicles OBD Port and by doing this we can access the ECU memory where the data for controling the engine is stored.
Some of the advantages of using OBD ECU Remapping are;

  • no additional units/devices
  • no visable sign of being done
  • quick and easy to do
  • no need to open ECU

Through the OBD Port we firstly take a copy of the ECU Data this is saved and if requiried to put back to original it is no problem, from here we load into a HEX editing software where we can locate the tables of data known as maps (hence the name ECU Remapping) for various things such as fuelling, boost pressure, timing and many more optimise the settings and then we can program the ECU with the new settings.
once the new settings are loaded then we carry out full data logging session to ensure the vehicle is running to its full potential and that there is no problems.