here we are going to run through what is involed when a vehicle cannot be tuned via the OBD socket.

first of all the ecu needs to be removed this can range from very easy to extremely dificult!

now the ecu is out the cover can be opened to gain access to the circuit board and the chip can be removed. in this bosch ecu this is the chip we are interested in.

now we need to add some flux to the solder joints to aid in removing the chip and use a hot air desoldering station to remove the chip from the board.

once the chip has been successfully removed from the ecu we can use an adaptor to read original data and program new data on to the chip using an eprom programmer.

once we have the tuned data on the chip the board needs to be cleaned and prepared do the new chip can be soldered to the ecu.

now the new chip is fitted the ecu can be put back togeather and fitted to the vehicle, this form of ecu remapping looks very complicated but to a professional tuner it is usually a daily operation.