mpps slave



MPPS Slave Tool.

Namely the original tuning tool on the market. Furthermore with no subscription or update fees this is a very powerful and useful tool that does not break the bank.

  • Recovery functions.
  • Full or partial read/write.
  • Adjustable reading and writing speeds.
  • possibility to write only the changes for faster programming when supported.
  • Auto detection of K-Line or CANBUS.
  • Temporary bypass of immobiliser on ME7 ECU’s.
  • Boot mode for C167 and ST10 processors.
  • EEprom read and write functions for selected ECU’s.
  • VAG MEDC17 TPROT level checking without opening the ECU.

Available as OBD only or with tricore boot plugin. You can find the latest news and supported vehicles by following this link.




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