Audi DPF Removal

MAS Performance have a 100% working solution for Audi DPF Removal from all models including A3, A5, A4 and A6 with all engines, for information on this service please contact us.

Our Audi DPF Removal service includes full engine diagnostics to determine any underlying issues that may have cause the DPF to fail, a oil and filter change (very common on Audi for oil to become diluted with diesel from permanent regeneration attempts), Removal of the DPF, Resetting of the ECU and supply and fitment of Audi DPF Removal Emulator replacing all the troublesome DPF sensors (Differential pressure sensor and dpf temperature sensors) that a prone for failure.

Audi DPF Problem & Audi DPF Delete

To complete the Audi DPF Removal service we would need the vehicle for a full day in one of our approved centres contact us for details, we also can supply the Audi DPF removal pipes made from high grade stainless steel these are only available as part of a package.

Fixing Audi DPF problem with the following

  • Book your Audi in at Maspeformance – Using Form on the right.
  • We will then perform a diagnostics check on your Audi.
  • Then we will physical removal of the DPF from your Audi.
  • Then program the Vehicles ECU & Alter all settings todo with the Audi Dpf
  • We will then give the car a final check over with diagnostics check to make sure the problem is no longer present.

We can remove the DPF of the following list of vehicles engines, 1.6 TDi, 1.9 TDi, 2.0 TDi PD 140, 2.0 TDi 170, 2.0 TDi CR, 2.7 TDi, 3.0 TDi, 4.2 TDi Audi Dpf removal is for models that are Diesel. this process normally takes a 6-9 Hours and can be booked and released back to you the same day, We also have a delivery and collection service, We will pick up your Vehicle from anywhere in the UK, and Deliver it back to you once the Audi Dpf Removal is completed. Use the form on the right to book with us today.

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Fix the Audi DPF Problem

Audi DPF Problem