Scania R Series ECU Remap Service.

The Scania performance ECU Remap will completely transform your Scania R Series. For instance gains of up to 30% in BHP and torque. And as a result of our Scania R Series ECU Remap fuel economy can be increased, for the most part by 15-20%. Furthermore an improvement in throttle response. And finally our ECU Remap will make your Scania drive so much better. In conclusion the benefits are huge.

Above all the development of our performance software is done in house, by our own software engineers. This allows us to tailor your remap to your own requirements, and allows us to provide the best possible service. In summary you should look no further for your Scania tuning needs.

For the most part our Scania ECU Remap service is possible for all of the R Series models. As an example of the possible gains please see our Scania ECU Remap page.

In addition to our Scania tuning we offer a range of solutions, such as AdBlue Removal and EGR Removal.