DAF CF ECU Remap Service.

The DAF ECU Remap consists of the reprogramming of the memory in the ECU that controls the engine. In brief there are various maps that will change to optimise power and fuel economy. For instance final injection amount, boost pressure and timing. Furthermore we can perform the DAF CF ECU Remap via the OBD port.

As a result of the DAF ECU Remap gains of up to 30% in BHP and Torque will be noticed. Above all fuel economy will produce gains of up to 20%. Therefore the money you will save in fuel over a short period will be quite substantial. Thus reducing expenses and increasing profits. For the most part our DAF CF ECU Remap service is possible for all of the CF Series models. As an example of the possible gains please see our DAF ECU Remap page.

Also throughout the UK a mobile service is available for your convenience. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Above all the development of our performance software is done in house, by our own software engineers. This allows us to tailor your remap to your own requirements, and allows us to provide the best possible service. In summary you should look no further for your DAF tuning needs.

In addition to our DAF Remapping we offer a range of solutions, such as AdBlue Removal, EGR Removal and DPF Removal.