At MAS Performance we can modify the ECU software so that the DPF can be removed from the vehicle without the ECU logging error codes and trying to regenerate the DPF.

What is DPF or FAP?

DPF (Diesel particulate filter) or FAP (Filtre A Particules) is a device designed to remove diesel particles or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. It basically traps the diesel particles in the filter and at a given condition the ECU will put it in to regeneration mode when these particles are burnt and blown out of the exhaust. Unfortunately these filters get blocked and cause running problems, Repair costs can be very expensive with some DPF’s costing in excess of £800 the filter is not a requirement for MOT test so a viable solution would be to remove the DPF and remove the regeneration function from the ECU Software MAS Performance can do this on most vehicles please contact us for details.

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Ecu Remapping
Had my car mapped and the performance difference is unbelievable done a good 10k miles still not missed a beat 🙂 highly recommend
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