Vauxhall Zafira Vectra CDTi DPF Removal

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We are offering a discounted price on our complete DPF Removal service for the Vauxhall Zafira Vectra and Astra fitted with the 1.9 CDTi engine.

The complete service would consist of Removal of the DPF we can do this either by removing the DPF from it’s housing or with one of our DPF Removal pipe’s, we will update the software on the vehicle’s ECU to completely remove all regeneration and DPF functions, this can include a remap for performance and economy gains of upto 200bhp & 430nm torque on the 150 16v model and upto 170bhp & 380nm torque on the 120 8v model.

We can also offer total deactivation of the EGR valve, remove the speed limiter and before and after rolling road runs with print out!

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1.9 cdti 120 dyno

zafira dpf removal

BMW 3.0d 35d Turbocharger setup Bosch Motorsport ECU

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Off Road racer with 3.0d BMW engine fitted with turbo set-up from the 535d Bosch Motorsport ECU

Mazda 6 DPF Removal service available

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We can sucessfully removal the troublesome DPF system from the mazda 6. With this service we will do a full diagnostic check to check inparticular the condition of all emmisions related sensors, with our system there is no need for the dpf temperature sensors that are prone for failure. we will check the o2 sensor which is also prone for failure is operating correctly and the EGR  valve is fully functional. The DPF filter will then be removed from the vehicle via 2 options either either removed from its housing (cut along the original manufacture welds and then fully TIG welded) or a full 304 grade stainless steel DPF removal pipe. Then we will fit our emulator to the vehicle this send the exact signal of a clean DPF to the ECU, following this the ECU will be reset all errors removed and full diagnostic road test to complete the work. This is the best solution for Mazda DPF Removal and has been fully tested on several vehicle with 100% success No more DPF light No more limp mode!!

For more infomation and prices please contact us 07843879320

Mazda DPF Removal